When people in our community started to hear about the "Stay Kind" initiative they asked us: "how can we get involved?"

Our focus around staying kind, is built around 'listening'. In our hectic and busy daily schedules now cluttered even further by mobile devices - we're losing the art of 'listening'. Children see how busy their parents are and don't want to burden them even more with their problems, so they shut up and say nothing.

A teenager may ask a question, that's easily fobbed off by a tired parent. The chances are that they're asking that question because they have a reason behind it, which is important to them. If your parents aren't looking out for their children - then who is?

"How can we get involved?" - we've put together a number of vignettes (short videos) with people who do care and understand the practical implication of staying kind. If we can change our values we can save lives.

"If we can save one, we can save them all. Beautiful" - Phil Gould